A ridiculous observation

People aren't always what they seem. You've heard that a thousand times, I'm sure. I figure a cliche is a good way to open up a discussion on one of the most un-PC pop singers in the last few years. Lady Gaga. That's right. I'm writing about Lady Gaga. I have despised her for several months, ever since Poker Face. She was the next step down, following Soulja Boy, on the death of popular music. Her videos are slutty in a robotic way, she never blinks, and begs to be objectified. She thrives on objectivity. The supposed ambiguity of her sex adds to this. It's almost if she isn't a real person. It's almost as if she doesn't want to be.

Then comes her bizarre performances on the VMA's. There's something about her. She's being weird for weird's sake. Why else would she wear something like this?

Something caught me as strange, and it wasn't the strangeness of her. It was her reasoning. Why is she doing this? It's obvious. That's the only way anyone will remember her. The Britney Spears era has come and gone. Lady Gaga tried something new. And it's working. Does it make me like Poker Face more? Not at all. She could be iconic, though.

This was all going through my head when me and Lindsey were watching her performance on Saturday Night Live. She started her second song in usual Lady Gaga-form. She pretty much wore underwear, with a rotating, metal orb thing surrounding her. It was pretty intimidating. Then, something happened that I didn't expect. She sat down (awkwardly, she still had a giant metal orb surrounding her) at a piano. And just started playing. Belting these blues that I had no idea she was capable of. It wasn't about "disco sticks" or anything else ridiculous either. It was heartfelt. Autobiographical. Epic. It went on for what seemed like 10 minutes. She was slapping the world in the face, as if to say "Look at me. I am a real musician, and this is the only way I can be heard." It's tragic that this is what people have to do to be recognized in today's ADD society. Her piano playing was pretty amazing, but all people remember her for is her fucking hat that looked like an animal eating her head. Lady Gaga is parodying an extreme image that people today love to point at and laugh and say "that's fucked up". It's fucked up, all right. Just not in the way you think. She's playing you. Lady Gaga might just be a genius.

That's right. I came to the conclusion that Lady Gaga is a genius. She's destroying pop music, but making millions doing it. Good for her. It's too long gone to be saved, anyways.

And yes, I did just spend several paragraphs obnoxiously psycho-analyzing Lady Gaga.

The performance that changed my mind.


  1. hahaha i agree with all this. and ive seen that performance, i stil hate her.

    i guess thats what lifeguarding will do to you.
    i heard disco stick atleast... 5 times a shift? yeah i said it FIVE FUCKING times. me and andy share a hatred towards her.

  2. Every sixteen year old thinks they're watching the death of popular music happen before their eyes. You should have seen what went on in the 1980s. If you knew those horrors, you'd thank God for Lady Gaga.

  3. Wham! is like Beethoven compared to Soulja Boy, Bancroft. They had instruments. And melody. And they used real words.

  4. Ha! Ha! You are cool C Wood. Also what you said about Wham and that's true they had real words

  5. Lots of really big, attention-grabbing pop stars have oddly high IQs. Madonna's is around 140 (which is the supposed border of the "crazy zone," where if you get any higher you start having social problems all over the place, if you buy into the IQ measurement system). It's a mentality somewhere between Machiavelli and Travis Bickle. Though that characterizes it as a lot darker than it has to be... It's just that there's a lot to calculate, and a lot of creative application-y thinking to it. Trust me, there's no doubt about Lady Gaga- she's absolutely a genius.