Starting off slow

I'm undergoing a creative depression. My blog entries have been disproportionately sparse lately, and I'm not exactly sure why.  The sentences aren't stringing together as easily as they have in the past.  The words don't flow out as fluidly.  I guess it's because I've become an active participator in my life, rather than a passive observer.  I literally told myself about six months ago that I wanted to give up on living, and take a backseat to just watch.  Surrender myself over to the mercy of humanity and try to understand it.  I was content with listening and watching.  It caused me to go temporarily insane.  I stopped trying to open my eyes and started trying to sew them shut with every needle and thread that existence would throw at me.  I've found my place, now.  I've found my 16-year-old self, and I don't hate what I see.  That's a Godsend.  The side effect is that I don't have an urge to crank out my inner workings onto paper (or web log) so it's less interesting for you.  I think I'll start taking a more extroverted approach to whatever I write.  

When you hit a cold spot in basketball, a quick fix is to start close to the basket and shoot a few lay-ups until you get the hang of it.  I'm going to restart with a writer's lay-up --- lists.  I love lists.  They're quick, easy, and to the point.  No excess, just the way it should be.  Being that it is the end of the decade, I'm going to make some lists of my favorite things from the 00's.  It's more of a warm up for me.  Oh well.  For now, my top 10 favorite movies of the last 10 years, in alphabetical order

Almost Famous
Before Sunset
Inglourious Basterds
Into the Wild
Lost in Translation
There Will Be Blood
Waking Life

Honorable Mention:
The Aviator
The Departed
Mulholland Dr.
Paranoid Park
Synecdoche, NY


  1. was this pre-vodka?
    if not, i'm quite impressed mr. woody.
    although i was hoping for a more interesting list topic than movies.

  2. actually, it was pre-vodka. Movies are easy, but I'm open. Give me a topic, and I'll give you an obnoxious list.

  3. top 10 moments of your own life
    the top 10 worst

    that should be something interesting
    a list of events, instances, etc. that defined you as a person

    list away mr. woody

  4. Well those are more half court hook shots than lay ups....

  5. Would you be down to discuss your choices in detail on AIM? I love movies.

  6. hmmmm sounds good but I don't have AIM. Facebook?

  7. Do you use the chat feature on Facebook? I was thinking that's how we could converse.

  8. Yep! Just add me, Conor Woody... I'm wearing a black shirt with red lettering in the picture

  9. I friended you just now - look forward to chatting.